The Secret of Orangebeard's Treasure

Captain Orangebeard discovered a bounty of monkal treasure, as described in the book "Captain Orangebeard and Sandy Isle" found at the Sea Library. As word got around the ocean that Orangebeard had a treasure that was greater than any in the world, a greedy Grumblefish decided to try to take it from him.

The Grumblefish thought up a devious plan to snatch the treasure by sinking Captain Orangebeard's ship, The Orange Letter. As The Orange Letter floated overhead, the Grumblefish tossed pure salt into the Underwater Volcano, the one ingredient that causes it to erupt. The salty debris from the eruption struck the Orange Letter and then fell to the ocean floor, creating the Salty Bubble Holes. A large plink watched the whole thing unfold, and became so distracted that he knocked over the top of an Arctic Mountain, creating the Arctic Hill

Captain Orangebeard surprised the Grumblefish by swimming down with The Orange Letter as it sank to the bottom of the sea, where it became known as the Sunken Ship. As a Mudskipper, Captain Orangebeard can survive on land and underwater, so he decided to make the ocean floor his home. Captain Orangebeard used part of the treasure to give his new neighbors a gift. Without telling a single "sole", he had a team of fish build the Coral Jungle Gym for young fishlings to enjoy. He locked the rest of the treasure inside the chest in the Sunken Ship and hid the key so that the Grumblefish could never open the chest. Ever since, he's lived in the one place that the other fish would be too scared to look: the Seaweed Forest. As told in the play "Orangebeard's Adventure" at the SeaCottage Theater, Captain Orangebeard keeps the key to his treasure in his most favorite place of all.

The key to Orangebeard's Treasure is at the Coral Jungle Gym!