Seaweed Forest

The Seaweed Forest is one of the scariest places in the ocean. It grows larger every year, and not many fish have been brave enough to go inside. Some fish say that they hear noises from inside when they swim by, but they rarely stick around long enough to tell what it is. 

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Who Could It Be Now?

I usually never go to the Seaweed Forest because they say that it's haunted. One day I decided to go inside and see what was in there.

It was dark, and the seaweed was very thick.  There were new and fun things that I had never seen before, too! There were new kinds of fish, and plants that glowed. I saw a stream of colorful water and followed it until I came up to a cabin. It was made of old twigs and seashells. 

"Who could live in there?" I thought.  There was steam coming from the chimney, so I went in to get a closer look. 

Someone was sitting in a chair but I couldn't see who they were. I thought about knocking on the door but it had a pirate symbol on it, and I decided it was best not to bother them.

I left the seaweed forest and got back home before anyone noticed how long I'd been gone.