Arctic Hill

The Arctic Hill was once an Arctic Mountain. But one day a large purple plink got distracted and barreled into it, taking the top right off. Now it is an icy hill, that can be used as a slippery sea-slide.

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Sliding Down the Arctic Hill

My best friend Gnara and I headed down to the Arctic Hill.  It was covered in ice, which made it very fun to slide down, and it was a perfect ocean day for it.

Gnara slid down and did a trick with her tail. I slid and spun around three times before I reached the bottom!

Some very young gnarbles were watching us slide and cheered us on. They wanted to slide down too but it looked a little too dangerous.

That's when I came up with the perfect solution. I called over my friends, the fipple-fosh, and asked if they would help. They were happy to do what they could. 

They stayed at the bottom of the hill and when the young gnarbles slid down, they flew right into the soft and puffy fipple-fosh, bouncing right off. Everyone had fun- even the fipple-fosh!