Coral Jungle Gym

The Coral Jungle Gym is always filled with young fish. It popped up one morning a long time ago, and nobody knows who built it. But, the whole ocean is thankful for who it is. It is made of a special coral, that is soft and safe.

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: The Water Fight

On a beautiful day, I went to the Coral Jungle Gym to play. It was at the center of my favorite park. It had big fake fishing hooks to swing on,  swimming tubes, and even an obstacle course made out of coral. It was very crowded with other gnarbles.  I decided that it was the perfect time for a great big water fight!  We divided up into two teams and went to opposite sides of the park. If you spit water and hit another fish, they were out. The last fish standing would win!

When we started, I swam behind a big tire, so that I didn't get hit. I jumped on a swing and swung over lots of the other fish. After a while, more and more fish were out, until it was only me and one other gnarble. It was my best friend Gnara! She swam inside the swimming tubes and I followed after. They zigged and zagged and went this way and that. Just as I swam out the other end, I got hit with water! Gnara had waited for me to come out, and she had won the water fight. I was happy for her, but next time I would be ready!