SeaCottage Theater

The SeaCottage Theater puts on a new play every week. They tell all sorts of tales, from romance, to comedy, to adventure and pirates. The best part is that everyone is allowed to try out to act in the SeaCottage plays, and almost everyone gets a part when they do. 

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Give My Regards to Orangebeard  

I decided to head to the Sea Cottage Theater to catch a show because they always put on the best plays!

The play they were performing was called "Orangebeard's Adventures"!

A water gnome played Orangebeard and he wore orange seaweed on his face to look like a beard.  The actors pretended that they were pirates, sailing across the ocean looking for treasure. 

They encountered huge waves and sea monsters and even sunburn! 

At the end, Orangebeard found a wonderful treasure and brought it back to his ship. He locked it inside a chest and told the audience that he keeps the key in his favorite place in the world.

I wondered where that could be, as I clapped loudly with my fins.