Sunken Ship

Nobody knows how long the Sunken Ship has been sitting at the bottom of the ocean. It was the proudest ship of a great fleet. Some fish say that is was sailed by Captain Orangebeard himself, and that he still haunts the ship today.

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Sea Scare

I'll never forget the day that I found a Sunken Ship! It was big and wooden, with three sails.  A flag waving on the tallest mast had a skull on it and I knew that this must be a pirate ship!  I swam around inside and found a bunch of old things. I saw a barrel that said "Parley Grain," and a box that said "Pickled Plumberries," which smelled terrible! There was a big hole in the center of the ship. "I wonder how that got there," I said. While swimming around the captain's quarters I found a music box. It played beautiful music that I had never heard before. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something shiny underneath the stairs. It was a silver coin with a symbol on it that looked a lot like a monkal!

I saw something moving from the corner of my eye but I thought I must be mistaken. I swam down through the hole in the ship. Deep inside, I found a treasure chest. It looked like it hadn't been opened in a long long time. Just as I was about to look inside I heard a noise come from behind me. Instead of turning around I swam away as fast as I could!  When I looked back I saw that the side of the ship said, "The Orange Letter"! That sunken pirate ship was scary. Maybe you would have been more brave!