Sea Library

The Sea Library is the oldest building in the ocean. It has more books inside than any library in the world. It's said that there's a fish inside with a long grey beard, who writes a book about you the day that you're born, because everybody has a story and the ocean holds them all. 

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Orangebeard's Treasure

I went to the Sea Library to find a good book to read. The librarian, Mrs. Eel, told me to read "Captain Orangebeard and Sandy Isle." The book was about a captain whose beard was so orange that ships could see it from miles away. He was always looking for gold and other kinds of treasure and his ship was called The Orange Letter.

One day he took his treasure map and set sail for a small island called Sandy Isle. When he landed, he started walking through the jungle until he came upon a cave. He knew it must be filled with treasure but the opening was blocked by a tribe of monkals and they wouldn't let him pass. Since Captain Orangebeard was such a brave and smart pirate, he thought of a plan to get by them. He went to the monkals' huts nearby and shaved off his beard! When he placed his bright orange hair on their roofs, the monkals came running because they thought their huts were on fire! While they were gone Captain Orangebeard went inside the cave, found a huge chest of treasure and brought it back to his ship. 

I asked Mrs. Eel what was in the treasure chest but she told me that I would have to check out the next book to find out!