Underwater Volcano

The Underwater Volcano is no place for a young fish to go wandering. It hasn't erupted in over ten years, but it is still a dangerous place. The fish scientists believe that there might be a way to make the volcano erupt, by adding the right ingredient to the center. So, it's best not to toss anything inside. 

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Grumble, Grumble

A current took me further than I'd ever swum before. What I found there was amazing.  It was an Underwater Volcano!

It looked like the volcano hadn't erupted in a long long time, but I was very careful anyway. 

I started collecting black rocks from around the volcano because they were shiny.

That's when I saw a shape on one of the rocks that I recognized right away. It looked like a fin print from a grumblefish. We don't see grumblefish very often because they aren't very friendly. They're greedy and like treasure a lot, but not the bottom of the ocean. I wondered what a grumblefish would be doing at this volcano, as I took the rock home with me.