The Rich Letter K

by Daniel Errico

Illustrated by Michiko Cayce

Letter-K-4 COVER.jpg

The Letter K lived in the Land of Words.

She owned the bank, and she made lots of money.

Every night she counted her bags of money, and it made her happy.

She had so much money that she used it to blow her nose when she sneezed.

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She had so many bags of money that she used them for pillows.

She was so rich that she had a tree that grew money.

Letter-E-2v1 copy.jpg

Whenever there was a problem, she used her money to fix it.

Instead of washing her clothes, she just bought new clothes.

When her bike broke down, she bought a new one instead of fixing it.

When she got sick of the color of her house, she bought a new one instead of painting it.

Letter-E-3v1 copy.jpg

One day there was a big contest to see who could catch the biggest fish in the Lake of Phrases.

All the letters came to compete.

The Letter K brought her boat with her.

It was by far the biggest boat there.

Some letters came with nothing more than a stick and a piece of string with a worm on the end.

The Letter K had brought the fanciest fishing pole that money could buy.

She used a lure made of pure gold to attract the fish.

She started fishing at dawn.

Letter-E-4v1 copy.jpg

By the middle of the day, she hadn’t caught anything.

By the afternoon, she still hadn’t caught anything.

All the letters around her had caught fish.

Some of the fish were big, some of the fish were small, but everyone was happy.

By the time the sun was going down, the Letter K still hadn’t caught anything.

Letter-E-5v1 copy.jpg

Some of the other letters came over and helped her. 

They showed her the best spots to fish, and they taught her how to move her lure around to make the fish see it.

Finally, she got a bite on her fishing pole, and she caught a fish!

It was small, but she was very proud.

All the other letters cheered for her, and it made her even more proud.

Letter-E-6v1 copy.jpg

Making new friends meant more to her than winning the contest.

She held up her small fish and said, “I couldn’t have done it without all of you!”

In the Land of Words, money can’t buy everything.

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