The Lazy Letter B

by Daniel Errico

Illustrated by Michiko Cayce

The Lazy Letter B lives in the Land of Words. He doesn't like to do much of anything at all. When he's forced to finally go outside he finds that sometimes working for something is the best thing you can do for yourself. The Lazy Letter B deals with working towards goal and having pride in what you create. 

The Lazy Letter B

The Letter B lived in the Land of Words.

He didn’t like doing much.

It all started when he was a lowercase b.

On his birthday he was too lazy to blow out the candles. 

He just waited until they burned out.

When he went to the ocean, he was too lazy to dry off.

He got everything wet and sandy.

When all the other letters went sledding, he waited at the bottom of the hill.

He was always the first one back in time for cocoa.

As he got older, the Letter B got even lazier.

He didn’t like doing anything except sitting around.

One day his friend the Letter W said, “If you’re just going to sit around, at least go sit outside!”

So he did.

He didn’t have a good place to sit though.

“If I’m going to sit outside, I need a comfortable chair.”

So he went and cut down a tree.

He carved the wood and used it to build a nice big comfy chair.

Then he looked out at his yard.

“If I’m going to sit outside, I’d like some water to look at.”

So he took his shovel and started digging.

He dug a large hole that he filled with water to make a beautiful pond.

“If I’m going to sit outside looking at my pond, I need some shelter from the sun.”

So he used the branches of a tree to make an umbrella that he stuck by his comfy chair.

A strange feeling came over him as he sat down.

He was very proud of what he had done.

He felt much more proud than he ever had felt sitting around.

“What else can I make?” he thought to himself.

From that day on, the Letter B spent most of his time building things for the other letters and helping them with their yards. 

And when he was all finished for the day, he would relax in his chair in the shade looking over the water.

In the Land of Words, there is nothing more satisfying than a hard day’s work.