The Island of Bum Bum Ba Loo

Follow two young explorers on a monorhyme (all the lines end in the same rhyme) adventure that takes you across the sea to the mysterious Island of Bum Bum Ba Loo. You'll meet the King and Queen, dance with Bum Bum Balites, and learn the secret to Bum Berry Goo! The only problem is finding your way back again...
The Island of Bum Bum Ba Loo is a bedtime tale about discovery, with an ending to encourage the explorer in us all!

The Island of Bum Bum Ba Loo

by Daniel Errico

Have you sailed to the island of Bum Bum Ba Loo?

It’s something that all great explorers must do

Ten years ago, I set off with my crew

In search of the island of Bum Bum Ba Loo

The waves on the sea made me wish that I flew

To get to that island of Bum Bum Ba Loo

The path on my map led us slightly askew

And we sailed every ocean, before we were through

But when we arrived it was then that I knew

That all of the stories I heard must be true

The water surrounding it shone a bright hue

A magnificent color, like no other blue

A sign made with vines, held together by glue,

Stood on the shore, reading “We Welcome You!”

The king had arranged for a great big to-do

And the queen herself shouted the loudest "Woohoo!"

The Bum Bum Ba Lites gave us bowls of their stew

Which they made from the roots of the Great Bum Ba Doo

The food could have fed seven hundred and two

At the feast on the Island of Bum Bum Ba Loo

Our drinks were quite tasty, a tropical brew

If you ask what was in them, I haven’t a clue

They served us deserts made with Bum Berry goo

As we danced to the tune of the didgeridoo 

We all thanked the King for the party he threw

Of course not forgetting to thank the Queen too

From their palace they showed us the wonderful view

And we saw all the fields where the Bum Berries grew

As gifts, I gave both of them gumballs to chew

When they asked me for more I had only few

So we hopped on the ship where we kept a whole slew

But it got carried off when the northern wind blew

The island has waited to be found anew

While I searched for someone to give the map to

And now I’ve decided to pass it to you

To discover the island of Bum Bum Ba Loo