Slimy Dundledun Cafe

Fish come from all over the sea to try the Mondobondo burger at the Slimy Dundledun Cafe. You may have heard of Chef Dundledan, who was just voted "The Best Chef Under the Sea".

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Don't Let the Seabugs Bite!

The Slimy Dundledun cafe has the best food in the whole ocean. The cook, Chef Dundledan, makes my favorite meal in whole world: the Mondobondo Burger.

One day I visited the cafe to order a Mondobondo Burger (or two) and I saw that it was closed. 

"What happened?" I asked Chef Dundledan. 

He said, "We've been overrun by seabugs, and we can't open up until they're gone."

"Seabugs!" I said, "those little critters are always digging up my plants and eating them."

I remembered that seabugs only eat my plants at night, since they sleep during the day. So I came up with a plan. 

I tip-tailed inside the cafe and started placing plants from my garden on the ground. I made a trail of plants all the way to the Salty Bubble Holes. As the seabugs woke up they ate my plants and followed the trail. When they reached the holes, the bubbles shot them up high into the ocean and they floated away. I lost a few plants but it worth it to eat my delicious Mondoburger!