Raymond Mayweather and The Blue Planet

By Daniel Errico

 Raymond Mayweather had tuned up his ship.

He checked every latch and he fixed every drip.

He set a new course, for an unchartered place.

It was time for a voyage to deep outer space.

Raymond flew his ship straight out of the galaxy. Through an asteroid field and beyond a large star field, Raymond found a small blue planet. He lowered his ship to find a place to land, but didn’t have much luck. Almost every inch of the planet was covered with water!

There was a river of rocks flowing nearby. Raymond couldn’t land on the rocks or his ship would be tossed and turned. Instead, he pushed a big red button, and his spaceship turned into a space-submarine (it was by far, his favorite button to push!). Once the submarine was underwater, he turned on the lights so that he wouldn’t miss seeing any of the planet’s underwater creatures. 


Hours later, he came upon a sea castle with many doors (when it comes to underwater castles, even windows can be used as doors since you can swim right in). Raymond parked his space-submarine outside the sea castle, put on his underwater suit, and swam inside. 

Raymond entered a great hall which was beautiful, but empty, except for a large fish sitting on a throne. 

“Huzzah, Huzzay, who comes my way?” asked the Fish King.

“It is I, Raymond Mayweather, space traveler extraordinaire and friend to all who swim in the sea. Might I ask, where are all the other sea creatures hiding?” 

“They’re not hiding,” answered the Fish King. “I ate them all up, and now I am hungry again. What kind of delicious fish are you?” 


The Fish King liked his lips and eyed Raymond up for a snack. Raymond smiled and slowly backed up towards the nearest door.

“I’m a human,” said Raymond, as he turned to swim away. “Quite poisonous for Fish Kings to eat!” he shouted as he left the sea castle.

Raymond hopped into his space-submarine and tried to drive away as fast as he could in the opposite direction, but his controls weren’t working. Suddenly, he was pulled out of his ship by a whirlpool and spun around in the water. Soon, he and his sub were sucked in completely! The whirlpool took them in and spit them out through a fountain of water on the other side of the planet. He fell onto a patch of grass underneath a large tree, and his ship surfaced nearby.


“Finally, land!” thought Raymond. 

He got into his ship and pushed the red button one more time to turn it back into a space ship. Raymond got ready to fly his off the strange water planet, but then he heard a noise up in the tree.

A furry animal hopped down and said “Hello.”

“Who are you?” asked Raymond.

“I’m the Queen of the Mamors,” said the furry animal. “Are you a friend of the Fish King?”

“I am certainly not. My name is Raymond Mayweather, space traveler extraordinaire, and friend to all land animals. The Fish King tried to eat me!”

“Then you have seen what has become of our planet. There used to be land everywhere. The only water on the entire planet was in a lake surrounded by rocks. That is where the Fish King lived until he broke down the rock wall and flooded our planet. The whirlpool was formed, and the rocks have flowed as a river ever since. We were forced to live here on the only land left,” said the Mamor Queen.


Raymond was taken on a tour of the Mamor village atop the large tree. The Mamors were all very nice to him. They told him how the Fish King had eaten all the smaller fish on the planet, and grown larger because of it. Raymond went back down to his ship and prepared to depart on a mission.

“Where are you going?!” asked the Mamor king.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Raymond.

Raymond set off into the sky and settled his ship on the water, right above the Fish King’s sea castle. He put on his suit and swam back down into the castle. 

He found the Fish King searching the Royal Dining Hall for anything to eat. He looked hungrier than ever.

“Fish King, I beseech you! Please come quickly. Mamors have fallen into the water and they cannot swim!” cried Raymond.

The Fish King turned around with a grin on his face.

“Huzzah, Huzzay, what luck today!” said the Fish King. “It will not matter that they cannot swim because I am going to eat them. Right after I eat you!”

The Fish King took off after Raymond. Even though he was enormous, bigger even than Raymond’s spaceship, he was still a fish, and fish are very good swimmers. Raymond swam out of the castle in the same direction as before, but the Fish King was gaining on him. Just as he was about to get swallowed, the whirlpool of spinning water started to suck them both in.

“Whooaaaaaaaaaaa!” said Raymond as they spun around.

“Huzzah Huzzay, what’s this at play?” said the Fish King.

Raymond got sucked through and out the other side of the planet. He flew right into the Mamor’s tree, then onto the ground beneath a large tree once again.


“Where did you go, Raymond?” asked the Mamor Queen, as all the Mamors gathered around.

“Look!” said Raymond, and he pointed to the fountain of water.

The Fish King had not been spat out. He had grown too big to make it through and was now stuck inside. This stopped the whirlpool of water from spinning. And that stopped the river of rocks from flowing. 

Raymond took the Mamors on his ship and they went around collecting all the rocks together. After hours and hours of work, they had built a wall, and the Fish King had been trapped inside, along with all the water. This time the wall of the lake was twice as strong as before! 

Pretty soon the planet started looking completely different. Grass started to grow where the sea used to be. The Mamor Queen lived in the castle once again. Without any fish to eat, the Fish King started to get smaller, until he was no longer stuck, but this time he could not break down the wall.


The Mamors were very grateful to Raymond for all of his help. They were so grateful that they made him an honorary Mamor, and told him that he was welcome on their planet whenever he liked. The Fish King was not as grateful for Raymond’s visit, but that is the way things go when you are a space traveler. 

Raymond Mayweather had tuned up his ship.

He checked every latch and he fixed every drip.

It was time to head home, with his mission completed.

New friends had been made, and new foes were defeated.