Raymond Mayweather and Huffemup Island 

by Daniel Errico

Raymond Mayweather tuned up his ship.

He checked every, latch and he fixed every drip.

It was time for his voyage to deep outer space.

As always he hoped to find some unknown place.

Raymond flew his ship up and out of the Earth’s atmosphere. He flew past Saturn’s rings and beyond the icy Pluto. After flying for a long time he came upon a small planet, and decided it was time to go exploring. 

Raymond Mayweather Spaceship Windshield with View of Huffemup Island.png

The planet was made up of two islands, separated by an ocean. One island was very colorful and the other was brown and dull. Raymond set his ship down on the shore of the colorful island.

He saw a large creature sleeping on the beach. It had a big belly and looked like it had been sleeping for at least a day. 

“Excuse me,” said Raymond as he approached the large creature.

The large creature just snored.

“Ahem, Excuse me!” said Raymond a little bit louder.

The large creature just rolled over.

“EXCUSE ME!” said Raymond as he jumped on its belly.

The large creature sat up and looked at Raymond.

“It is I, Raymond Mayweather, space traveler extraordinaire, Earth diplomat, and friend to all aliens. Would you mind telling where I am, and what kind of creature you are?”

A Huffemup Sleeping on the Beach with a Pile of Figgy Melon Seeds Next to Him.jpg

“I am a Huffemup, you are on the Huffemup Island, and you’re blocking my sunlight.”

“Terribly sorry,” said Raymond. “What are these trees I see all over your island?” he asked.

“Those are the Figgy Melon trees. They grow all over our island, and nowhere else. We Huffemups love the taste of Figgy Melons.”

“I see,” said Raymond, “And who lives on the other island here on your planet.”

“The Durds live there,” said the Huffemup, “They don’t have any Figgy Melons, or any food at all really. The only plants that grow on their island are small green shrubs that are not good for eating. Instead they try hard to catch fish in the shallow water, but there are never many to go around.”

“It seems like you have a lot of Figgy Melons,” said Raymond, “So many that you could offer some to the Durds.”

“Impossible!” said the Huffemup. “Figgy Melons grow here and not there. The Durds do not deserve our melons! They are for us and nobody else! Now I am going to finish my nap, if you don’t mind, Maymond Fayweather.” 

Raymond tried to correct him, “Actually, my name is-“ but the Huffemup was already asleep.

Raymond started to look around Huffemup Island. He saw that there were many, many Figgy Melon trees. He cracked one open and saw that they had very large seeds inside. Judging by the piles of seeds he saw on the beach, he concluded that the Huffemups spit them out with their large snouts.

It was then that Raymond had an idea.

“If the Huffemups won’t help the Durds then I will do it for them,” thought Raymond.

He went into his spaceship and brought out his tools. 

He worked for hours and hours, and when he was finished he had built a boat out of Figgy Melon trees!

The Huffemup woke up and saw what Raymond had done. 

“Are you trying to steal our Figgy Melons in a boat!?” yelled the Huffemup.

“Of course not,” said Raymond, “A boat such as this could only fit a few Figgy Melons inside, surely not enough to make a difference for anyone. This boat is my gift to you so that you may get rid of all your pesky Figgy seeds. Why not take them on this boat and dump them onto Durds Island. Garbage does not belong on your fair Island, and it is much more suited for theirs. You can even fish in the deep water as you go, because surely you are meant to be better fishermen than the Durds as well.

“Hmmm, this does makes sense,” said the Huffemup. 

Raymond walked along the beach and collected all the Figgy seeds he could find that had been spit out by the Huffemups. The Huffemup took this opportunity to take a well-deserved nap inside the boat. 

Huffemup Sleeping on the Beach Inside a Boat.jpg

When Raymond had filled up the boat with Figgy seeds he woke up the Huffemup. 

“You have worked very hard today,” said Raymond, “Why don’t you go back to your home, and I will make the first trip to dump the seeds on Durds Island by myself.

“Yes, I believe that is for the best,” said the Huffemup. “I will go tell the other Huffemups how I have solved the dreadful seed problem single-handedly.”

Raymond Mayweather Traveling by Boat Between Huffemup Island and the Land Where the Durd's Live.jpg

Raymond set sail immediately, hoping that he had seen the last of that particular Huffemup. When he arrived on the Durds shore he was greeted by a friendly Durd, about to travel back to his village from a long day of fishing.

“Hello,” said the Durd, “Since you are a guest on Durds Island, may I offer you a fish.”

A Durd Walks by Waving and Draggig a Net Filled with Fish.jpg

“No, Thank You,” said Raymond. “I have something for you instead. From now on, the Huffemups will be dropping off Figgy seeds such as these on your island. Take these seeds and plant them in the ground, but do not tell them that you are planting the seeds. Instead act like you are unhappy. Make sure that the seeds get plenty of sunlight and water, and you will have all the Figgy Melons you can eat soon enough. I must be heading back now.”

The Durd was confused but very grateful for this gift. Raymond sailed back to Huffemup Island as quickly as he could. He left the boat in the same place that he set sail from, to ensure that the Huffemup could find it again the next day. He got back into his space ship and started it up, tired from a day of boat building and sailing. He was glad to be leaving this silly planet.

A few weeks later, the Durds saw their very first Figgy Melon Tree begin to grow.

Raymond Mayweather tuned up his ship.

He checked every latch and he fixed every drip.

His trip was now over, a wrong had been righted,

And the taste of a Figgy Melon left him delighted.

A Full-Grown Figgy Melon Tree and a Young Sprout.jpg