Mr. McKay the Winter Coat Thief

Written by Daniel Errico

Illustrated by Michiko Cayce

Mr. McKay Cover.jpeg
1 Mr.McKay sitting in a tree looking out with binoculars.jpg
2 Mr. McKay hiding in the bushes watching a picnic.jpg
3. Mr. McKay lying on the grass looking relaxed with sunglasses on.jpg
4 Mr. McKay in an igloo with two iguanas laying around outside.jpg
5 Mr. McKay climbing up a tree.jpg
6 Mr McKay in the snow on a winter day holding his hands together.jpg
7 Mr. McKay generating heat from his hand which start to glow.jpg
8 Mr. McKay sneaking up from behind a bench while an unsuspecting boy looks up at a tree.JPG
9 Mr. McKay stealing the boy's coat which he took off when he felt like it was warm.JPG
10 Mr. McKay wearing the boy's coat and skipping along happily down the road.JPG

For any readers who like them as much as Mr. McKay, here are some real life photos of iguanas.

Iguana 1.jpg
Iguana 2.jpg
Iguana 3.jpg

Photo Credits: CMErrico

For more information on iguanas, please visit: National Geographic