I Want a Monkey!

"I want a monkey who scratches his head! He'd swing from the lights and he'd jump on the bed!" Everyone has wanted a pet at one point or another, but what happens when regular pets won't do? Wally dreams about rambunctious monkeys, noisy otters, and playful giraffes, but will he ever find the perfect pet?

I Want a Monkey!

by Daniel Errico

Wally was sure that he wanted a pet.

He talked to his Dad about which pet to get.

“I want a Monkey who scratches his head!

He’d swing in the house and he’d jump on the bed.”

“Well,” said his Dad in a kind sort of way, 

“Did you know that monkeys eat bugs everyday?”

“Oh No,” Wally said, “We have none to eat.”

Mom likes to squash all the bugs with her feet.”

“Then I want a Hippo!” he screamed to his Dad.

“He’d eat all our trash, and Mom would be glad!”

“Hippos need water, it helps them stay cool.

I guess we can build him a giant sized pool.”

“No,” Wally said, “he’d be too big to dry,

We’d need a mountain of towels to try.”

I want an Otter who triple back flips,

I’d practice swimming when we go for dips.”

“Did you know most otters can whistle and chirp?

They growl and snort, and perhaps even burp?”

“Oh,” Wally said with a sad looking frown,

“We’d have to tell him to keep the noise down.”

“Let’s get a Giraffe!” Wally said with a smile.

“I’d slide from his neck to a giant clothes pile!”

“Giraffes hold the record for tallest of all.”

“The jump from their head is a twenty foot fall!”

“Gosh,” Wally said as he looked at the ceiling,

He’d bump his head even if he were kneeling.”

“Well how ‘bout a bunny?” he said to his Dad,

“A fluffy and floppy one can’t be that bad.”

Bunnies like eating and chew all your stuff.

 Raising a bunny can really be tough.”

“Wow,” Wally answered, “Is that really true?

Picking a pet is not easy to do.”

“I want a fish!” Wally said, “Let’s get one!”

“I think a Goldfish could be lots of fun.”

“Hmm,” said his Dad, with a look of delight.

“Good idea Wally; I think that you’re right!”

“They’re really good swimmers and make funny faces.            

And if we get two, we could watch them have races!”

“Okay,” said his Dad, “That’s just what we’ll do.

One goldfish for me, one goldfish for you!”