Gishy-Gosh Courts

The Gishy-Gosh Courts take up a large part of the ocean floor. There are two goals on both sides and gishy-gosh all over. When you smack a gishy-gosh through a goal you get a point (but don't worry, no gishy-gosh are harmed in the playing of this game).

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Noble's Game

My best friend Gnara and I went to the Gishy-Gosh courts to play a game. Gishy-Gosh is very fun to play. You win the game by hitting a gishy-gosh with your tail and sending it into the goal. Whoever scores the most goals wins! The only problem is that the Gishy-Gosh can sometimes be sticky, and if they stick to your tail they take a long time to get off. 

At the courts, two other gnarbles came by and asked Gnara and I to play against them. Gnara was very good at Gishy-Gosh and I had never beaten her, so I was glad we would be playing on the same team. She scored five goals right away! But pretty soon our teams were tied. The other gnarbles would yell at each other when they did something wrong. I went to whack a Gishy-Gosh with my tail but it stuck right to it!

"Oh no!" I thought, "The game's almost over and we'll never win now."

 But then I had an idea. 

I started touching all the Gishy-Gosh with my tail until I had six of them stuck to me. As time ran out I swam as hard as I could even though it was hard to move with all those Gishy-Gosh stuck to me.  I swam right through the goal, and scored six points at once! As Gnara and I celebrated, she said had never seen a player do that before, but she was glad that I had.