Epilogue 2 

“Soy, have you been out with Cal? His mom has been calling me non-stop since yesterday,” Soy’s mom asked while microwaving some dinners.
“Yeah, I told you, we went on a mission to save the world. You never listen to me!” he shouted back at her from up the stairs. 

“Okay then, sorry dear,” she said calmly.
A few seconds later she heard a loud commotion. 

“MOM!” he yelled.
“What is it Soy?” she shouted back. 

Then came the excited footsteps of Soy barreling down the stairs. When he appeared in the kitchen, he was holding an enormous pile of clothes, taller than his head. 

“Look!” he shouted. 

Soy dropped one hundred pairs of rocketship underwear onto the kitchen floor.