Dancing Water Gnomes Village

The Dancing Water Gnomes are famous for their parties. It's been said that their music can be heard from Oceanopolis to Swimbuktu. They are some of the most colorful and special of all the sea creatures. If you are lucky enough to get invited to their village, you will surely never forget it. 

The Noble Gnarble's Diary: Rum Tum Tum

The Water Gnome Village is always a fun place to visit. I got invited to join them for a big party. They always throw the best parties with lots of music and dancing (the food isn't my favorite, but they seem to like it). But, when I got there, no one was dancing and I didn't hear any music. 

"We can't make music because someone has stolen the drum," they said, "and without music, we can't dance."

I knew I had to help them get their drum back. I swam around looking for the drum. When I reached the edge of the village I heard the rum tum tum of an underwater drum. I quickly found the culprit and it was a swimming gungaloo.

"Why did you take the drum?" I asked.

"I'm sorry," he said "It's just that I never get invited to the water gnome parties, and I love music so much!"

"You shouldn't steal," I said, "but I might have a solution."

I brought the swimming gungaloo and the drum back to the water gnomes.

"This gungaloo found your drum!" I said as they cheered. "Perhaps you can let him play a song as a thank you."

And when he did, we all danced to the song.