At Home

by Daniel Errico

You are at home. And you are inside. 

And sometimes, just maybe, you go for a ride. 

But usually you are at school with your friends.

And go many places before the day ends. 

Something is different. It’s easy to see.

You hear bits and pieces of what it might be.

Some people are worried. Some people are scared.

Talking a lot about being prepared. 

But you are at home. And you are inside. 

So while you are here, let these words be your guide.

Some people are sick and we’re giving them space.

We’re helping each other, by staying in place.

A virus can make people feel rather ill.

And doctors need time while they find the right pill.

When people are moving, the virus moves too.

It’s harder for doctors to do what they do. 

So you are a helper. A hero, I say.

You are a hero for staying away.

But it is important, important to see,

That you are still safe, still safe as can be. 

And since you are safe, and since you are home,

Without many places to go out and roam,

You might learn a secret that few people know.

A secret that some may forget when they grow. 

There is magic at home. There is magic inside. 

Wherever you’ve laughed and wherever you’ve cried.

The dreams that you’ve dreamt, and the stories you’ve told,

Of quests you have had, and those yet to unfold. 

They’re here. They’re at home. And they’re inside of you. 

To find them there’s only one thing you must do.

Breathe in and out. And be glad you are here.

Here where you are, with whoever is near.

Breathe from your belly, and let your mind run.

Think of a place where you have lots of fun.

Think of the sky in a place such as that.

Feel all the things in this place where you’re at.

Breathe in once more and remember the smell.

Here you can sing, or you might even yell.

And what happens next, will be all up to you.

Imagine up all of the things you will do.

The magic will help you, it really knows how.

Nothing is needed but you, here and now.

And if you feel lonely, that’s more than okay.

It’s okay to think, and it’s okay to say.

But always remember, that no one’s alone.

No one inside, and no one at home.

And if you would like to, imagine a friend,

Across a great sea, or just ‘round the bend. 

Imagine them sitting, imagining you.

Think of this friend, and then think about two. 

Think of as many as you’d like to think.

Think of a new person each time you blink!

Now think of the ground that is under your feet.

It stretches away from you, right down the street.

It runs below rivers, across mountain tops.

Through fields and through forests, and still doesn’t stop.

It goes on and on, ’til it reaches your friends.

Across a great sea, or just ‘round the bend.

You’re always connected, like roots of a tree,

Birds in the sky, and the fish in the sea.

Breathe in and out, and remember, you’re home.

Heroically waiting, with no need to roam.

Soon you’ll be out, with your friends right beside.

But it’s wonderful now, to be home and inside.